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Updating the firmware of a Lasershark USB DAC:
The Lasershark USB DAC can be re-programmed or updated by the user without any additional hardware! I hope this will prove to be handy when you encounter a situation where you need a custom implementation.

1. Identify the Lasershark hardware version you have. There are currently two versions.. 1.0 and 2.0. These can be identified via the text on the bottom of the PCB board.

2. Download a firmware image from the Introduction tab or compile the appropriate firmware.

3. Completely unplug your LaserShark from any galvos/lasers etc. THIS IS IMPORTANT! The voltage levels on the C, and INTL connectors are unpredictable when in reset or programming mode. DAMAGE TO YOUR EQUIPMENT CAN RESULT IF THIS STEP IS IGNORED!

4. Plug the Lasershark USB Dac into your computer's USB port then press and hold the "PGM" button. Without releasing the "PGM" button, hold down the "RST" button for 1 second and depress the button. A mass storage device should now be present. If not, unplug the Lasershark USB Dac and try again.

5. Drag the downloaded firmware onto the mass storage device.

6. Safely eject the mass storage device then press the "RST" button for 1 second. Your new firmware should now be running on the device.

7. BEFORE CONNECTING YOUR EQUIPMENT run the lasershark host application and verify the firmware version matches what you expect.


If you found this project interesting or helpful and have the means feel free to donate!

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