There is not much here yet but keep watching. Often I'll research something, write a small app or build something that I document for future reference. Since time was spent finding all this documentation, and someone else may need the same info, I figure that it might be helpful to post publicly to aid the random googler in their quest for information.



  • Baltimore Hackerspace - 501c3 Non-profit operated out of Baltimore MD
  • Ubiquiti M2 2.4Ghz Bullet Teardown - I whitened the plastic and perform a teardown of a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 2.4Ghz.
  • Digirain Water Display - I designed and built a digital waterfall display. While testing it I thought it would be fun to make a bump for Adult Swim.
  • Gooper Scooper - I made a device that can pick ketchup and other paste/gelatinous materials up, then place them elsewhere with minimal disturbance to their shape.
  • Zapping and LED with 4000VAC@5mA - We used an ESD testing unit to put 4000VAC@5mA through an LED at the Baltimore Hackerspace. For science!
  • Digital Timer Remote Modification - I purchased a "NEEWER EZa-C3 Digital Timer Remote" recently and was surprised to find it didn't have an off switch or button combo! I decided to investigate why the engineers did this and ultimately add a switch of my own.
  • Code Snippets - Just a small collection of code snippets somebody might find useful.
  • Replacing the Bearings on a Balfa BB7 Mountain Bike - As the name suggests, this is a step-by-step guide on how to replace the pivot and pulley bearings on a Balfa BB7 Mountain Bike. I'm sure these instructions would also apply to the The Real by Appalache Cycles.

Misc lost to the sands of time:

  • Android G1 GUI Serial API - Cedric Priscal used the android NDK to make a serial api that you can use to communicate with the serial port via android gui applications. I threw together some android kernel compilation instructions as well as some serial enabled kernels on the project page to make taking advantage of this a bit easier.
  • Android G1 2.8v Level Serial to USB Cable. - I wrote instructions on how to make a G1 Serial to USB cable which should be handy for kernel debugging. The information in the instructions could also be used to easily make a G1 2.8v level serial to rs232 adapter or 2.8v/5v serial adapter too. (what I plan to do next!)