Misc - Replacing the Pivot Bearings on a Balfa BB7 Mountain Bike.

My Balfa BB7 has been squeaking for a while so I decided to take it apart and lubricate it. Once I got the frame apart and removed the linkage plates, I noticed a problem. For one, there were metal shavings coming out of the bearing's rubber seals. The other problem was the pivot axle rotated in clicks as though there were a ratchet mechanism in there. After a little searching around I found the bearings and also received some helpful information from Jamie at http://balfa.co.uk (A good place to buy Balfa parts). Since it was somewhat difficult to find the information I decided to document it and post it here.. enjoy!


Tools/Parts Needed:
- 3 6001-2RS bearings
- 1 626-2RS bearings
- Bottom bracket/headset/hub grease (I used Polylube 1000 from Park tools.
- Hammer
- 10 MM socket Wrench.
- Socket wrench extender
- Old flathead screwdriver you don't mind damaging.