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Avaliable now! Buy a Lasershark (V2.1):
I had a batch of Lasershark v2.1 boards made for those who would prefer not to solder their own together. When you purchase a unit you will receive the following:

  • Assembled Lasershark V2.1 board - Boards will be tested, tuned, and programmed with the latest version of the Lasershark firmware.
  • 2x 3-pin polarized male headers - These headers mate with a large majority of the galvo kits that are found on ebay.
  • 4x 2-pin polarized male headers - You can use these to quickly disconnect your lasers and interlock when modifying your setup or leave them off and solder your laser driver wires directly to the board. Please see the usage page for info on these connector's mating counterpart.
For cost reasons, it probably makes more sense to purchase an assembled unit, but if you want to solder a board together yourself I also have bare PCBs avaliable. Please contact me for details.


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  • Prices have been raised due to tariffs for 2019.
  • Items are shipped via USPS Flat Rate Priority for U.S. purchases and via USPS Priority Flat Rate International for International purchases. Shipping costs are calculated before the final phase of checkout.
  • International customers, please provide your phone number with your order. This is necessary for your item to pass customs.
  • Order quantity may be changed during checkout. If you are interested in purchasing more than 5 boards please contact me.