Electronics - Lasershark - FAQ (Friggin sharks with lasers)

I am an international customer. The USPS Online Tracker shows my package arrived at the Chicago, IL facility but it hasn't left yet! What's going on?
Chicago is the last U.S. facility USPS Priority International packages pass through before being shipped overseas. If a destination country does not provide tracking information to the USPS, then this will be the last location visible in the tracker.

Do you have a mailing list for the Lasershark so I can keep up to date with developments/dev orders/group orders?
Yes, you can sign up here: http://macpod.net/mailman/listinfo/lasershark_macpod.net

Will you be making a full-color laser dac/system?
Yes, however this is taking longer to complete due to other projects I am involved in (i.e. designing/fabricating peripheral boards for the Lasershark for alternate uses.) Please email me for details if interested.

Will this work with a Raspberry Pi?
It is possible to use the lasershark_stdin application on both the Rasberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2.

OpenLase will likely not work on a Raspberry Pi due to CPU constraints (especially without NEON optimizations). If you wanted to run OpenLase on your desktop computer, transmit data via JACK over a network link to the Raspberry Pi, and have the lasershark_jack application receive this data for transmission out over USB to a Lasershark this may be possible (but is untested)

How can I obtain a Lasershark board?
I had a batch of these fabricated so you can purchase an assembled pcb or even a bare pcb from me. Alternatively you can make your own. The Lasershark boards are not particularly difficult to solder but if this will be your first attempt at surface mount soldering you may have difficulties with the microcontroller and dac parts.

How do I use this? How do I use OpenLase?
Please see the usage page. If the instructions there did not answer your question feel free to ask your question on the forums or contact me.

My gavo data cables have 4 pins but the Lasershark only has three pins. How do I connect it?
Generally these 4-pin galvo data cables consist of one X/Y+ pin, one X/Y- pin, and two GND pins. The Lasershark only has one GND pin so you will need to tie these two grounds to the single pin on the Lasershark.

I have a question that I am certain isn't answered here. How do I get help?
For the edification of others, please post your question on the forums. If this is not practical I can be contacted via the contact page.


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