Electronics - Lasershark - Usage (Friggin sharks with lasers)


Connecting a Lasershark V2.0 to Galvos/Lasers:
The following connector guide can be used to connect your galvos and lasers to a Lasershark V2.0 board. Please note that at this time, the firmware does not consider the Interlock B pin.
While standard 0.1" female rectangular headers can be used to connect to the board, you may want to consider using the mating component for the Lasershark connectors. These locking polarized connectors not only prevents accidental inverted connections, but also ensures the connectors do not slip off from vibration/etc.

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Please note the Lasershark DOES NOT power lasers directly. Instead, it outputs signals which are used by laser modules to control the output state of the associated laser.

When purchasing a laser module for use with the Lasershark, you will want to acquire one that is capable of TTL or Analog modulation:
  • TTL = The laser can be turned on or off only
  • Analog = The laser power can be set to 0%, 10%, 35%, ..., 100% power
The Lasershark has two analog control channels (A and B) and one TTL channel (C). It is fine to connect a TTL laser to one of the analog channels however this does not mean that the TTL laser module will then function as an analog laser module.


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