Software - Wireless Grapher

This widget displays the wireless network you are connected to, the channel, and also graphs the connection's RSSI (Received signal strength indication) and Noise.

- Airport or Airport Extreme card
- OS 10.5.x or OS 10.6.x with Dashboard.
- Intel/PPC Computer able to run required software.


Download Wireless Grapher v0.6
Download the old Wireless Grapher v0.5 (for 10.4.x users)

If you like this program and have the means, please donate. Computers are expensive!


Changelog for v0.6:
  • Changed location that data is pulled from so the widget will work with 10.6.
  • Rewrote widget using dashboard to make it easier to update and debug.
Changelog for v0.5:
  • Apple changed around Javascript for 10.5 which prevented the graph from being drawn. This has been updated.
Changelog for v0.4:
  • Fixed bug so wireless channel is now displayed correctly.
Changelog for v0.3:
  • Works on Intel macs now!
  • Features a greatly improved front thanks to Agustin Ocampo.
  • Displays the channel of the network user is connected to.
Changelog for v0.2:
  • Features a greatly improved back thanks to Agustin Ocampo.
  • The graph now shifts to the left due to popular demand.