Software - AirPort Extreme MAC Address Changer

This program changes the MAC address of an AirPort Extreme card by modifying the AppleAirPort2.kext kernel extension as described here. The MAC address change will remain set until the kernel extension is updated by an Apple update or the program is run again.

Note: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This software modifies and loads/unloads a kernel extension. There is the possibility something could go wrong which will result in you having to enter specified terminal commands or in a much rarer case have to reinstall the AirPort Extreme kext.

- Airport Extreme card
- PPC Mac running OS 10.4.x

AirPort Extreme MACAddress Changer v1.1

If you like this program and have the means feel free to donate! Computers are expensive.


Changelog for v1.1:
  • Updated program to work with new AirPort Extreme kext introduced with 10.4.8 8L127.
Changelog for v1.0:
  • Program was born.