Electronics - USB Watchdog - FAQ

I am an international customer. The USPS Online Tracker shows my package arrived at the Chicago, IL facility but it hasn't left yet! What's going on?
Chicago is generally the last U.S. facility USPS Priority International packages pass through before being shipped overseas. If a destination country does not provide tracking information to the USPS, then this will be the last location visible in the tracker.

How do I use this?
Please see the usage page. If the instructions there did not answer your question feel free to ask your question on the forums.

Will this work with Ubuntu/OS X/Windows?
Yes, please see the Usage page.

Will this work with a Raspberry Pi?
Yes, please see the Usage page.

Will this work with FreeNAS?
Yes, instructions are provided to setup a jail environment.

Will this work with my Synology/QNAP/Drobo?
If the device has a USB port and libusb1.0, python 2.7, pip and hidapi (via pip) can be installed possibly... but this is not a support configuration.

I have a question that I am certain isn't answered here. How do I get help?
For the edification of others, please post your question on the forums. If this is not practical I can be contacted via the contact page.