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General Discussion / Re: About the Lasershark projector
« on: September 09, 2018, 07:18:10 AM »
Thanks for your reply!

So it seems that it's necessary for us to DIY the projector ourselves.

As for the necessary law of laser, I'm sure there is no problem for a 100-200mW laser device, despite the fact that we've already obtained a 400mW laser light.

The complexity of the images is simple(some edge images from the programs which use like Canny edge-detection) and project it onto the ground we walk. Projections of them on the ground may be echelons but we would fix it. The height of the projector is about 1m-1.5m and the color or the brightness is not so important for us. After all, it's the first try of it, and we may do the adjustment of them if the prototype works well.

The components may be:
1.The laser shark DAC board from Nelson.
2.a 100mw 532nm green laser module 5V with
3.Galvos and Galvo amp: a XY galvo is enough as long as the laser's wavelength in the galvo's wavelength range ? But amplifier and the power of them we are not sure what to purchase. It may takes long to get all the components from Internet so we are cautious about which and what to buy.

Sorry for my poor descriptions and hope for some advice !

General Discussion / About the Lasershark projector
« on: September 05, 2018, 02:48:28 PM »
Hello, Nelson,

I'm a student from Image Lab, and the research which we are doing now needs to project an edge video with a laser device.

At first, we found the Openlase, feeling it so nice but we don't know how to start with the hardware(Our lab seems not be so familiar with the hardware things). And now we found your Macpod homepage. Although the tutorial of the hardware assembling is written, we still have no idea how to start because we don't familiar with the electronics board, so we want to know if it's possible to buy a set of a projector like this.

Or can you just give some advice about how we can choose the other components(supposing that we bought a shark board from you)to DIY a  laser scanner which can fit with the Openlase? We are not sure the components we found can be assembled and work together well.

We are looking forward to your reply! Thanks so much!

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