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Hi Nelson,

OK. I probably know what is going on, and I will try to adjust them later. Thank you for your reply! :D


Hi Nelson,

Thank you very much for your continued advice!

If you use lasershark_stdin no keystone configuration option is provided.

I'm a little confused about this.

When using the lasershark_stdin_circlemaker through lasershark_stdin(not through the .txt), its aspect ratio is also strange. And when using openlase, ./lasershark_JACK is needed instead of the ./lasershark_stdin, in my opinion. So I still don't know how the problem could happen. :-X


OpenLase Discussion / Can't get a normal aspect ratio in projection
« on: April 15, 2019, 08:53:20 AM »
Hello Nelson,

After a long trip, we finally get the galvos work. But the ratio of the projection seems not to be normal.(also, the projection is upside down but it can be adjusted.)
By the way, the preview in the Simulator is normal, and the laser projector is horizontal.

And also, we want to know if the openlase can do a work like "projecting what the camera is recording" in real-time. Is somebody did like this? There are so few comments about the details of Openlase and I get no idea how to use the "cal" or "invert" of it, so as using openlase in real-time. Hope to get some help! Thank you so much!


LaserShark Support / Re: Galvos no movement need help
« on: April 08, 2019, 10:47:32 PM »
Hello Nelson,

After reading the advice from the maker, we found that we did something wrong in connecting the board to the PSU, and now it is OK!! The galvos mirrors rotate as expected!! Also, thank you for your help!!


LaserShark Support / Re: Galvos no movement need help
« on: March 24, 2019, 01:11:34 AM »
Actually, we received the first reply from the seller and described what problem we met, but it seems to take a little time before the next reply. Hoping to get some hint   :P

LaserShark Support / Re: Galvos no movement need help
« on: March 19, 2019, 07:48:42 AM »
Hello Nelson:

Sorry for delaying so long for returning to China.

The fluttering noise may be the sound of fans attached on laser.

Situations of now:

1. When we only plug in the power supply of the galvos kit, the mirrors will rotate in small angle for unknown reasons. And after 2mins, one of the two LEDs will turn off automatically with a big "click" sound, meanwhile, the mirrors stop movement.

2. The time when I run the demo of circle_maker or the Openlase samples through the Jack, the laser will turn on or off perfectly but the galvos mirrors will be down immediately.

Or maybe it is the galvo kits' problem (new ones are almost same galvo kit as before)?  :(

LaserShark Support / Re: Galvos no movement need help
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:31:11 AM »
Hi Nelson,

Thanks for your reply!  ;)

There are no more stacks of the same galvo kit we bought at first and we are worried about that if the board doesn't match the mirrors, so we replace them including the mirrors, but it seems no change.

And the noise is from the amplifier but hard to tell exactly which part on the board.
And the voltage I just measured is the output-pins on lasershark-board, wanting to confirm that whether the output from lasershark-board works well or not.

Here is the video(sound may not record):
And I found that the LED will turn off automatically after a period of time(about 20s?) if I do nothing, just like the situation as I post here at Jan 09.

LaserShark Support / Re: Galvos no movement need help
« on: February 08, 2019, 04:59:25 AM »
Hello Nelson,

And we finally get the new board of galvos, but it seems upset that the previous problem might not be the board of galvo.

When we set them up and do nothing, both of the LEDs are on and seems no problem, but the time we run the draw_circle test, one of the LEDs turns off with an obvious sound like pressing a switch off. And now I'm very confused about what I should do next. The output voltage of TTL 2 pins are 5V but the ones on 3 pins(X,Y) are not stable , varying from -0.1mV to -150mV.
And to confirm, I want to know that is it necessary to install the JACK service even if I just not run the OPENLASE but the draw_circle test, right?
And if I want to configure the OPENLASE, I need to install
3.Compiling and Using the Lasershark Jack Host Application (for use with OpenLase) part in
We are not so familiar with the hardware but just want to know more about it!

LaserShark Support / Re: Galvos no movement need help
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:40:36 PM »
Hello Nelson:

sorry for replying so late for some reasons.

And it didn't work well since we try to do repairment to the board of kit and had to buy a new one. Also, thank you for your help, and we have to wait for another 1 month.

Another teacher shows interest in laser and wants to do something with it on a laserboard but it seems no stack now(perhaps you are out for business?), and it would be nice if we can get it by next month.


LaserShark Support / Re: Galvos no movement need help
« on: January 13, 2019, 07:43:01 AM »
Hello Nelson:

Thanks for your reply!

Using the multimeter, it shows that the +15V side is normal but the -15V side only outputs -0.7V. :( How I made both the LEDs on is just plug them in. After 5s random turning, the left LEDs turns off with a big sound, and the galvos mirrors no longer move.

Here is the Galvos kit And there seems no full datasheet or Galvo kit provided by the seller and little information about the kit.
Sad to say but it seems amplifiers were damaged. Just did a mistake reading the datasheet "working Power Supply: ±15VDC" and then plug it onto the 15+V OUTPUT 3PIN connections. Any remedial measure? Or to buy another set.

LaserShark Support / Re: Galvos no movement need help
« on: January 09, 2019, 01:37:11 AM »
Hello Nelson,

Thanks for your reply. And the laser can be on/off depending on the app.

But the galvos amplifiers have no movements. The left LED is off and the right LED is on. But when I first used this, I used to think the 15V+- pins on the board are the power pin by mistake, so I used a 15V PSU to input the power to it, and only the LED on left side turned on. But then I found it wrong and use a 24V PSU to power it through the pins on the daughterboard. Was this action broken the amplifier down?

And the heatsinks are not so warm even if turn on the power with the LED on.
Or can it be something wrong with the 2.54mm 3pin cable? As you can see, the ones we bought can't match them on the board perfectly. But I've changed them for 3times and make sure the X+ matches the X+, .etc.

And I'm now trying the circle example on Ubuntu 16.04, and the galvos only still not work.
Seems to be something wrong with galvos or the connections between lasershark and daughterboard.


------------modified again----------------
And now the galvos finally moves and two of the LEDs got light on. But, it may rotate even if I have not open the .exe yet.(Maybe the signals in buffer?) And here is the video.
And when I turn on the .exe, the left LED turns OFF and galvos mirror no longer work... I don't know what just happened..

LaserShark Support / Galvos no movement need help
« on: January 08, 2019, 01:04:37 AM »
Hello Nelson, this year I finally have time to do something on openlase with Lasershark.
But there seemed to be something wrong with the hardware or the install steps. (I first do it on WIN10)
 The laser can work under the TTL signal, but only the galvos no movements at all. I just want to know where is wrong. (I did make the lasershark composite device with Zag.)

(IMG2 and IMG3 are two different PC with WIN10.IMG4 is what it shows when I open the Zag the second time.)

General Discussion / Re: About the Lasershark projector
« on: September 26, 2018, 01:14:22 AM »
Thanks so much, and we just have a 3D-printer from last month. Still at step like trying to copy small component of Segway and it seems to be a good start.

And I see..we'd better do our task on Linux. :D If you come back please let us know and we'd like to order Lasershark straightway.

General Discussion / Re: About the Lasershark projector
« on: September 19, 2018, 03:00:42 AM »
Thank you very much! Sorry to reply so late because of the login session error these days on the forum.

Now we are about to buy components and start to think about how to make a mount to combine the galvo and laser pointer. (Of course other things too) Maybe a wood pad easy to deal with? (like the v1 lasershark macpod).

As for the necessary angle of galvos, it is difficult to assert how large the angle we need. Therefore, we'd choose the one with a reflection angle as large as possible and the fast speed. (marcan's and now the one we decided all 35°(max 70° +- 20°) ) The laser show projector now we used can only project a small pattern on road than the one we want(attachment 1)

And a thing must be confirmed that are there some troubles in running Openlase in Windows 10? The software we developed is now running in Windows, and if it must do it in Linux, we have to do some adjustments right now.

Edited: And the 12V PSU for the laser pointer always seems too high. The working current of the laser pointer is about 200mA but most 12V output PSU can't supply the low current. On the lasershark v1 board, I found that you have two PSU and connect the small one to the large one. So one AC input is enough. Shall we do this?

General Discussion / Re: About the Lasershark projector
« on: September 11, 2018, 09:59:12 AM »
Thanks for your advice! ;D

And here's now some alternatives of components.

1.DAC board: laser shark Dac board.[/sup]
2.Emitter subsystem: At first we found this.520nm Green Laser Diode Module
It is straightly powered by a DC input power supply optional. But we found that it has no TTL modulation or analog modulation.

BTW, we want to know the reason why you suggest us buy one which capable of TTL or (ideally) 0-5v analog modulation. For RGB laser, the TTL or analog modulations may change the color of lasers, and of course the analog way can change MORE. But for a single color laser, what is the use of an analog modulation? Google told us that
TTL only controls the on/off of a laser and, it can make the patterns "clean", which means no connected line of each letter if we want to project a word"LASER".
Dumb question but I just want to know is it right and what for an analog one. (may control the brightness according to input voltage?) :-\

And here are some other alternative lasers(feels hard to find a 5mW or about ones. ):
     1.w/12V AC Adapter 515nm 520nm 50mw Grass Green Laser LINE Module Osram LD TTL

     2.10mW 515-520nm Direct Diode Green Laser Module (Adjustable Focus) with TTL Modulation (12V)

3.Scanning subsystem:
     1.40Kpps High Speed galvo scanner for laser show lighting/RGB Laser system ScannerIt says that it acquires the "Deflection angle: max 70° optical (factory calibration @±25°)" and we are not sure whether it is enough to project patterns in the height of 1-1.5m to the 2-3m far distance from where it is set.

30Kpps HightSpeed Galvo scanner for Laser light show or 3D printer (max50Kpps)

It looks like that all the galvos detailers have the similar description of the spec details

4.And some cables or board to set them up. Or maybe a laser glasses?

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