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3D Printers / New to lasers and SLA and need some info
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:50:45 AM »
I've built several FDM printers and am fairly experienced and familiar with them and how they work, but SLA is all totally new to me. So I have a few inquiries before I dive all the way in to this project.

Now that I've found some really reasonably priced laser scanner heads, complete with 405nm laser, and f-theta lens for up to 300mm x 300mm print area, I think this is definitely the way I have to go. The supplier I've been talking to has asked me some questions that extend beyond my knowledge of lasers and galvanometers, seeing as how this is my first project that involves either one that's not a huge surprise. So I thought I'd relay those questions here and see if someone can give me some more direction.

1. Laser power? I'm assuming approx 150 mw would be plenty?

2. digital or analogue galvo? I'm assuming analogue, but I haven't done a whole lot of research on how exactly I'll be driving the galvo? Will I need a separate galvo control board in addition to the ramps 1.4 I was planning on using? Can I control it directly from a raspberry pi? Again, totally new to galvos and how they work and all that, so feel free to enlighten me as to the electronics necessary to pull this off.

3. connecting table? Not even sure what they mean by this, but hopefully someone here knows what they're talking about?

The supplier is a company from and the model they're offering is a Model JD2203 Galvanometer, with a 405nm laser and an f-theta lens lens specifically designed for a 405nm laser and a 300mm x 300mm working area. I'm expecting the total scanning head to come in around $500 or so, which is insanely cheap compared to the other options I've found online from American Suppliers. It's a big enough savings that I'm happy to drop the $500 on one of these scanners and give them a shot. Any feedback or input of any kind would be greatly appreciated since I'm in way over my head on this build.

I'm also trying to figure out exactly HOW all the components will play together. I've been hunting around for some info about what the lasershark board actually does, correct me if I'm wrong, and it looks like it essentially scans an image, line by line, and converts it translates that into movements so the laser will draw the image that is sent (via usb) to the board. So in this instance, it will essentially be working like a DLP Projector. Whatever control software I'm using (would love recomendations for slicers and control software for sla set up) would tell the stepper to move the Z axis up/down, then send an image (rather than a series of gcode commands for all the movements of an FDM printer) to the lasershark board and it will "project" the image onto the resin. Does this mean I could use software designed for DLP printers such as NanoDLP or others if I'm using a lasershark board to control the laser?

I'm attaching the small PDF that the laser scanner company sent me with info about the galvo/scanner head thing I'm considering purchasing. I'd love all the help/guidance I can get!

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