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LaserShark Discussion / Uart as input
« on: January 26, 2020, 01:33:39 AM »
I would like to use a separate microcontroller which would be running an interactive program and sending commands using the suggested format s=1,1,1,1,1,1. However I don't plan on having the lasershark plugged into a computer. Does the lasershark have to be plugged into usb or does the firmware automatically respond to input over Uart in this format. As an alternate would the debug port be a better option to send commands to the lasershark.

LaserShark Discussion / serial communication
« on: February 25, 2016, 11:14:38 AM »
I am trying to work in a 3dsoftware package called rhino/grasshopper. I've made an interface that samples the onscreen geometry into points and formats the points for the laser shark into the proper string. I then send the formated strings via serial through a paired virtual com port. I use the following command to grab the streaming points COPY COM2 CON | lasershark_stdin.exe. This seems to work or at least the shark launches and in the cmd I see the strings but it doesn't move. I believe it has to do with not having an enter at the end of each line or some such formatting issue. We also tried the same process but with a udp sender and receiver but the same thing happens which is the shark launches and all the commands are sent to cmd but the shark doesn't move. There are no errors in the prompt and I can quit the command with cntrl-c as expected. Basically I need some means of realtime playback. Do you have any ideas or thoughts

LaserShark Support / lasershark 2.1 no galvo movement
« on: February 21, 2016, 02:47:53 PM »
I had previous success getting the stdnin program and circlemaker working with the lasershark. The galvos moved and produced the image as expected. Now I am no longer getting any movement at the galvos. If I plug in the show card that came with the galvos I can make the galvos move just fine. How can I figure out the problem. It appears that I am able to connect just fine. Can you help me to figure this out. Perhaps the lights on the board can indicate something to pinpoint the issue.
iSerialNumber: 7040303000004335
Getting FW Major version: 2
Getting FW Minor version: 3
Clearing ringbuffer
Getting bulk packet sample count: 8
Getting max ilda rate: 64000 pps
Getting dac min: 0
getting dac max: 4095
Getting ringbuffer sample count: 768
Getting ringbuffer empty sample count: 768
Disable output worked
Setting ILDA rate worked: 1000 pps
Setting output output worked: 1
Disable output worked

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