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LaserShark Support / Lasershark help
« on: October 04, 2015, 11:56:10 AM »

I'm having some issues with drivers, maybe someone has already got the same problems. Installing separete drivers for Lasershark interfaces (interface 0, 1, 2) nothing works.

"circle maker" test ( doesnt work, it appears "error finding USB device", and also CW isn't able to move the galvos anyway (although LaserShark appears  on CW).

Then, using ZADIG (, I have tried to install libsusb driver for LaserShark as a composite device. In this case "circle test" works, showing a very nice simetric circle. But I'm still stuck inside CW, that never makes the galvos shake.

I'm quite convinced that this is a driver/USB issue.

I am using Win 8.1 64bit, usb 3.0... but I've tried also in an older win XP, the situation is the same.

Complementary, I'm receiving an error message telling that a "composite device" may have problems running on USB3.0.

did anyone have similar issue?

Thanks for any support

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