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Title: Lasershark help
Post by: Necdet on July 27, 2015, 04:45:34 AM
Hello Macpod,

May I ask you same help about Lasershark ?

I tryed to run my lasershark but I get some error, here below:
(I have lasershark 2.1) (windows 8.1)

Getting FW Major version: 2
Geting FW Minor vrsion: 2
Your FW is not capable of proper bulk transfer or clear commands.Please upgrade your firmware.
libusb:warning lisusb_exit some lisusb_devices were leaked.

How can I connect laser module to lasershark ?
I have laser control module. Please, see attached pictures what I have 

Which software do you recommed to use for laser show ?
Which software is better for Lasershark ?

Thanks advance for your help

Title: Re: Lasershark help
Post by: Macpod on July 27, 2015, 11:06:37 PM
Hi Necdet,

1. You are receiving this message because your firmware is out of date. As of this message the current version is FW Major version 2 and FW Minor version 3 (version 2.3 aka V5)

You can upgrade your firmware by following the instructions here:
You can download the new firmware here:

2. It does not seem as if your images attached. Can you please post them here?

3. The LaserShark works with OpenLase. Instructions on how to compile this for Linux are present here:

If you want to write your own software for custom lasershows you can develop your own OpenLase software, or alternatively you can feed in "samples" into the ./lasershark_stdin program as can be done with the lasershark_stdin_circlemaker example
Title: Re: Lasershark help
Post by: Necdet on July 28, 2015, 05:00:32 PM
Hi Macpod,

Thanks for information,

Please see attached picture for what I have in my laser system:

-30K scanning system
-405nm 150mV laser module

May I ask you that how can we use OpenLase in windows 8 ?

How can we add a new lasershow or any other file  to OpenLase ?

thanks for help

Title: Re: Lasershark help
Post by: Macpod on July 28, 2015, 11:14:45 PM
Hi Necdet,

Are you using this for lightshows or for development of a 3d printer? 405nm is a poor and dangerous choice for laser lightshows.

405nm is not easily seen by the human eyes comparative to other colors. This will cause even a very powerful laser capable of burning or blinding you to appear dim.

3d printers use this wavelength because it is capable of curing various resins better than other visible wavelengths of light. As you have likely noticed these 3d printers are enclosed and this is partially to protect you from this laser light.

I will answer your other questions once you let me know what your applications are (as these will also impact the answer I provide due to application differences)
Title: Re: Lasershark help
Post by: Necdet on July 29, 2015, 09:53:49 AM
I would like to use those device for my first SLA 3D printer.
Thanks for warning me about devices.

I hope that Lasershark will work well in 3d printer.
I am looking for some new friends who can help me about that.

Thank you for help
Title: Re: Lasershark help
Post by: Macpod on July 31, 2015, 12:26:45 AM
Hi Necdet,

I would suggest you checkout CreationWorkshop. Several individuals there are working on using the LaserShark with this software to develop their own SLA printers.

Specificially this forum might be of interest:

If you want to develop your own software you can take a look at my github repo to see how I communicate with the Lasershark. I would encourage you to use bulk transfers vs isochronous transfers.

You can also develop programs which outputs data in the format expected by lasershark_stdin.exe. This page explains how to setup the usb drivers and also
It looks like you have already set this up however